Accounting Course Descriptions


ACC 1100
Professional Development in Accounting 1-3 credits
Examines topics of special interest to the business community. Credit cannot be applied to a major in Business Administration or Accounting, or to a minor in Business. Course may be repeated as topics change.

ACC 2010
Principles of Accounting I 3 credits
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.
An introduction to the preparation and analysis of financial statements, Specific topics include the accounting model, general purpose financial statements and accounting for assets, liabilities, and equity.

ACC 2020
Principles of Accounting II 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 2010.
A continuation of ACC 2010 and an introduction to the use of accounting information for management decision making. Specific topics include determining cash flows, international accounting, product costing, budgeting and other concepts of management accounting.

ACC 3070
Financial Statement Analysis 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 2020.
This course adopts a user perspective and focuses on the understanding and use of corporate annual reports as a primary source of accounting information. An emphasis is put on the importance of such topics as cash flow, ratio analysis and consolidations. (This course is not open to accounting majors.)

ACC 3110
Intermediate Accounting I 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 2020.
Accounting theory principles and practices underlying the earnings statement, retained earnings statement, statement of financial position and statement of cash flows. Emphasis is given to the measurement, valuation and reporting of assets and liabilities and their effect on earnings determination.

ACC 3120
Intermediate Accounting II 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 3110.
Continues the study begun in ACC 311 of accounting theory, principles and practices underlying the financial statements. Emphasis is given to the measurement, valuation and reporting of liabilities and stockholders equity and their effect on earnings determination. Complex topics considered include leases, pensions and other employee retirement benefits, deferred income taxes and earnings per share. In addition, international differences in a few accounting areas are briefly discussed.

ACC 3310
Cost Accounting Systems and Procedures 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 2020.
This course provides a theoretical and practical knowledge of cost accounting systems and procedures. Emphasis is placed on cost terminology, costing systems, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, activity-based costing, accounting for quality costs and nonfinancial performance measures.

ACC 3320
Cost Accounting Planning and Control 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 3310.
Analysis of cost behavior and the role of accounting in the planning and control of businesses with emphasis on management decision making uses of accounting information.

ACC 4130
Advanced Accounting 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 3120.
A critical examination of the accounting theory and practices involved in a select number of advanced accounting topics. These topics will include accounting for business combinations and consolidations, governmental/fund accounting, non-for-profits, accounting for international transactions and global enterprises. Other topics might include such items as branch accounting, partnerships, or segment accounting.

ACC 4300
Federal Income Taxation I 3 credits
A study of the basic principles for the determination of taxable income as established by Congress, the Internal Revenue Service, and the courts. The areas of gross income, capital gains, adjusted gross income, exemptions, and both personal and business deductions are emphasized with a primary focus on individual taxation.

ACC 4400
Federal Income Taxation II 3 credits
Prerequisite: ACC 4300.
An examination of the basic tax principles applying to corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. Primary emphasis will be placed on the taxation of corporations and partnerships.

ACC 4500
Accounting Information Systems 3 credits
Prerequisites: CIS 1000, ACC 2020.
Concepts of responsive information systems. The accounting-user viewpoints are stressed. Topics include: data base concepts, internal control, technology of information systems, use of system techniques, accounting information application, management use of information, management of information systems, systems analysis and design, and auditing of accounting information systems.

ACC 4510
Auditing 3 credits
Prerequisites: ACC3120, ACC3500, and MTH2140.
A study of the standards, procedures, and theories of independent and internal auditing with primary emphasis upon financial statement examinations by CPAs. Subjects include: the nature and scope of auditing, auditing standards and procedures, code of conduct, internal control, and other professional and technical auditing considerations.

ACC 4950
Directed Studies in Accounting 3 credits
Prerequisites: ACC3120.
An intensive study of special topics in accounting directed by members of the regular faculty. This course is generally open only to students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or above who have achieved senior standing in business; it is designed to serve as an advanced ACC or BUS elective course and cannot be used to substitute for a required course.

ACC 4960
Current Topics in Accounting 3 credits
Prerequisties: ACC3110.
This course is devoted to the investigation of significant, current trends in the area of business. Topics covered in the course vary across a wide spectrum of possible areas. Topics will be announced in advance. The course may be repeated when the topic changes.